We offer a wide range of straps, ribbons, braids, halyards, bungees, elastics, nets, for sport and leisure.

Our products meet the different standards of the sector, tested in our internal laboratory.

We are able to offer products in polypropylene, polyester, aramid, PPD-T (thermoplastic polymer) etc, for a total respect of your specifications. Resistant to salt water, UV, abrasion, we have the adapted product.

Our production sites allow us to make jacquard straps, entirely personalized, marked, printed,

Our garment factory is able to manufacture highly technical products, finished and assembled with accessories or buckles. From sewing safety, technical, zigzag, everything is possible with our fleet of automated machines.

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Product examples

A state-of-the-art industrial tool

With one of the most important machines in Europe, we can offer elastic or rigid straps and ribbons 5 to 350 mm wide, in very high speed weaving or on a jacquard or mechanical armor loom. We are also equipped with crafts with shrinking or variable width. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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