Elastic Webbing

Elastic Webbing

We are a manufacturer of elastic straps and can produce webbing straps from weaving to manufacturing. Also we an integrate group to meet the most demanding needs. For example, we have our own quality laboratory and dyeing workshop.

Whether the strap is standard or specific, we can develop and countertypically develop any type of elastic strap in addition to our numerous references. Cutting, assembly, sewing, metal parts, plastic parts, welding, drilling, eyelets, anything is possible.

Moreover, the production can do according to specifications, on plan, otherwise, our design office will accompany you to develop with you the right product.

Besides EPI, aeronautics, sports and army forces, we can respect the certifications of each sector of activity, and test your products in our laboratory: tests of rupture, abrasion, colour, UV, carry out in our own laboratory of test. This is to guarantee you an impeccable quality. Therefore the quality of our elastic straps ensures your complete serenity.


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