Judo Strap

Judo Strap

We weave the judo straps in our factories. Also, the judo strap is 100% cotton, internally dyed: white, white/yellow, orange/yellow, orange, orange, orange/green, green, blue, brown, brown, black and white/red.

Besides, we can deliver the webbing in rolls, or cut ends on demand. Our integrated group has its own manufacturing plant, thanks to which we can manufacture the finished, ready-to-use judo belt for you. We are able to carry out all the manufacturing processes of the judo belt: weaving, cutting, tailoring and packaging…
In addition, tests of breakage, abrasion, colour and UV carry out in our own testing laboratory to guarantee you an impeccable quality. Therefore the quality brought in the manufacture of our judo straps ensures us of your complete serenity.


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